About us

TN Factory
1160 Park Avenue, Murfreesboro TN 37129 U.S.A.
TEL (615)987-0040
FAX (615)653-4800
URL http://www.sasayama-usa.com
Parent Company

Sasayama Co., Ltd.

530-1 Hotei, Kawahara-cho,
Tottori-shi, Tottori 680-1202 JAPAN

TEL +81-858-85-3380
FAX +81-858-85-3381
URL http://www.sasayama-company.co.jp/

Plant Floor Space

16,800 Sq.feet

Contents of Business & Features

  • 1. In-House Design & Manufacturing
    • a)Locally Design and Manufacture Precision Stamping Dies in TN Factory,
          Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
    • b)Capable of Designing through Tryout Pressing
    • c)Technical Service
  • 2. Spare Parts Supply & Repair
    • a)Spare Parts Manufacturing
    • b)Repair and Remodeling Service
    • c)Flexibly Compatible with Other Suppliers’ Dies
  • 3. Resale Business
    • a)Import Precision Stamping Dies from Sasayama Co., Ltd., Tottori, Japan and
          Other Suppliers and Countries such as Japan, China, Korea, etc.
    • b)For Customers, Equivalent to Local Procurement As We Take Care of Complicated
          Trading Procedures
    • c)Process and Quotation Examination & Offer, Die Design & Manufacturing Progress
          Control, Engineering Service, Inspection Jig/Stamped Parts/Tryout Material
          Arrangement and Procurement, etc.